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Monday 19th of April 2021

Inauguration Chronicle

Inauguration and dedication of the Mega-Auditorium

Just the morning dawned and the Mega Auditorium was half of the seats occupied, groups of people were watching a photo mural of the history of Christian Fraternity in the lobby and they were admiring the monumental work of architecture in Guatemala to glorify the holy name of God. Gradually the auditorium was filled which hours later would be inaugurated by our beloved Pastor, Dr. Jorge H. López, and dedicated to our Lord as their house of prayer.

Special guests slowly arrived at the new facility, where the presidents of the three branches of the government met, Department Secretaries, Vice-Ministers, presidential candidates of that time, international delegations, national delegations and Pastors from various churches and an army of volunteers ready to receive those who later were a total of about fifteen thousand people packed inside, whom along the Christian singer, Dani Driggs, choired  the song «I ask for peace», then along with Marco Barrientos between spontaneous shouts of «Amen» and » Hallelujah. »

The presentation of Pastor Jorge H. Lopez was a special moment, who welcomed everyone between jubilation and applause from the audience. Without doubt the most anticipated moment during the more than six years was the opening and dedication of the auditorium. Dr. Jorge H. Lopez, accompanied by his wife, Dr. Elsy Lopez, made the prayer of consecration to declare it a house of prayer and make the symbolic ribbon cutting, which rose to the top of her hands in applause, tears and hallelujah of those present, and the voice of Marco Barrientos singing  “Son of God received today, all glory, and honor…»

Afterward, Mr. Amilcar Rivera, mayor of the Municipality of Mixco, presented the highest award of the municipality to Dr. Jorge H. Lopez, “the Cerro Alux Order” which Pastor dedicated to the congregation as a token of appreciation for the spontaneous collaboration they showed at this time, giving their offerings and making an outstanding effort to raise the house of the Lord as in biblical times with King Solomon. Then the mayor of the capital, Mr. Alvaro Arzu, and the President of the Republic, Oscar Berger Perdomo referred to the example Christian Fraternity of Guatemala has given that united the efforts of all  to carry out this project  of great dimensions and great impact on the country’s development.

After that came the fireworks show, alongside a rain of confetti while singing the song written and sung by Dani Driggs «Everything is possible», among applauses and tears.

The message of Pastor Jorge H. Lopez was addressed to men of courage, men who by joining forces can change the course of a country, region and the world with their living testimony of the power of God in every life, believing the Lord and following the example of Jesus Christ to find the solution to the ills the world currently suffers.

In The Night Of Celebration

Marco Barrientos, Ricardo Quinteros and Dani Driggs participated in this great night of praise and worship to celebrate this event that impacted the Latin American church in general and Guatemala´s in particular. Marco Barrientos shared the message of Soul Prosperity. Mrs. Carolina Rivera, wife of the mayor of Mixco, gave a recognition plaque to our beloved Pastor, Dr. Elsy Lopez.

During that night there was also an impressive full with the participation of the faithful at all times with great joy.  Pastor, Jorge H. Lopez, presented some of the Pastors who came to the inaugution among them are:  Dr. Bill Winston, Pastor of Living Word Christian Center, Chicago, Illinois Rev. Ki Dong Kim of Korea Seoul Sungrak Church; Pastor Sandra Baker Howell from Church of the Crossroads; Rev. Keith Hershey from Mutual Faith Ministries; Carlos Rey from of A Message to the Conscience; Pastor Pedro Rivera from Comunidad de Misiones de Adoración and Andy Rishel from Living Word Community Church.

Pastor Jorge H. Lopez ended the special night service with the final prayer and a song of praise of Marco Barrientos, people were invited to go out of the auditorium to the “Family Plaza”, where a show of fireworks was presented and it was impressive. In the two services two hundred and three people accepted Jesus as their personal savior.